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Who We Are

SupaGlam has been a LED screen manufacturer for over a decade. Since we found our life business to be a focused LED display manufacturing

company, we’ve made a self commitment to keep up with the industry

development and technology upgrade year after year.

With such, we developed a complete series of popular LED screen productsthat address diversified indoor and outdoor LED display projects’

challenges. That said, SupaGlam is not only a LED screen maker, but

also a custom LED display solution provider.

What We Do

With a competitive supply chain consisting of industry-leading resource

suppliers, SupaGlam is dedicated to bringing impactful and practical

LED display products to global clients. And within our LED screen

manufacturing center, we are equipped with outstanding abilities:

LED Display Research & Development

Project-oriented Module Design of Creativity

Continuous Manufacture & Product Optimization

All-Round Quality Mangement Implementation

Guiding Principles & Values

SupaGlam is developing quickly through the years with some shared ethics leading its people. We are determined to advance constantly with the right efforts that will be rewarded.

Technology leads the way

Progressing LED technologies are changing the ways of display. To develop, we should seize the trend and master the latest techs.

Clients’ needs always matter

Any products are made to meet needs. Whatever cases, no demand is insignificant. We listen and optimize by clients’ voices.

Service in place is what counts

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LED Display Manufacturing Capacity

Unlike some small workshops, SupaGlam has a modern LED display manufacturing plant for high-quality LED screen production that you can lay your trust upon.

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Global InstallationSuccesses

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5S Standardized Factory

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Automatic Assembly Lines

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Skilled & Pro Staff

Take A Glance of Our Factory and Its Facilities

Here we will show you a modern LED display factory in strict compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA18001. Your visit is most welcome any time.


Chief Members of A

Specialized Team

The Historical Route We’ve Been Marching

SupaGlam is growing to be one of the leading LED display suppliers in China step by step. There are meaningful stories across each milestone of our company’s history.



From day to day, SupaGlam never stop its pace in the research and development of LED screen manufacturing business. We keep upgrading our industry knowledge and technologies to deliver stabler and higher performance.



At SupaGlam, we employed more and more expert engineers and skilled workers leading in the industry. At the same time, we had expanded our workshop to a larger plant with over 80,000 square meters for a larger capacity.



We developed quickly as a reputable local LED screen supplier. Each year, our workshop had successfully delivered a large number of LED display products around the world.



SupaGlam was founded in the industrial zone of Shenzhen city, China, with a fully-equipped workshop. At that time, LED display industry started to boom with new technologies.

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Our headquarters are based in ShenZhen China.

Building 4, Baiwang Second Industrial Park, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

(+86) 1501 4010 686

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