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High-performance LED screens, LED boards, LED curtains and more to meet both your indoor and outdoor display needs.

Globally-recognized Custom LED Displays That Fit All Markets

Made of reliable light-emitting diodes, premier integrated circuits, industry-leading chips, standardized power supplies, SupaGlam’s LED display screens are bound to have high performance and quality throughout the market. Not to mention that our skillfully-assembled LED screens are implementing those toughest manufacturing standards to ensure they are in line with whatever certifications to enter intended regions. Regularly known as flat or flexible pannel displays, our LED screens are ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays of video, advertising, broadcasting and more.

At SupaGlam, our latest technologies and state-of-the-art auto equipment can effectively realize your specific customization ideas. From LED, IC, PCB, modules, light box types, housing colors, branding logo and package can be completely customized. Contact us for a free LED display consultation.

Small Pitch LED Display

Also known as narrow or small pixel pitch LED display, they have a smaller pixel pitch lower than 2mm to have a finer visual perception.

Transparent LED Dispaly

With a transparent or translucent look, this kind of LED screen is optimal to fit in behind window or glass wall to reinforce advertising.

Rental LED Display

SupaGlam provides a wide spectrum of LED screens to satisfy project rentals. No matter for indoor or outdoor projects, we have your items.

Custom LED Display

For special-shaped, particularly-sized, or specifically-functional LED displays, our engineers provide individual custom solutions.

LED Display Module

To those experienced project contractors or clients with internal requests, we offer reliable modules for your own design and assembly.

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