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Regardless of indoor or outdoor LED display cases, there are unique occasions in need of special LED display screens to fulfill unique demands. In this case, they will require highly customized LED screen products in a wider scale per display project. Such as for a specific pixel pitch, LED screen cabinet dimension and shape, or any other particular LED video wall requirements, SupaGlam is ready to provide an effective LED visual solution with the help of its extensive industry experience and leading manufacturing capabilities.

At SupaGlam, there are a complete set of sophisticated production equipment and testing instruments to guarantee each part of the LED screen’s manufacturing process is precisely tailored to your individual needs. Drop us a line, share your custom ideas and make your concept come true.

High Resolution

Excellent Contrast

High Refresh Rate

Wide Color Gamut

High Profile Image

Ultra Thin

Light Weight

Easy Maintenance

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Not only does SupaGlam offer top-notch video display products,

we also offer various solutions that support you

in order to make your indoor or outdoor event amazing.

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