Clear & Transparent LED Screens Integrated into Window
WIth s special LED technology fused with a clear screen substrate, it allows white pixels to show as transparent. This series of LED display screens are more than trendy in the use of windows or any other glass-related walls or applications, because they bring audiences a special feeling of mystery and stereoscopic penetration with gradual and brighter visual changes. So, this collection of transparent LED screens are suitable to be applied both indoor and outdoor to promote advertising dynamically.
SupaGlam offers module-designed transparent LED displays that are customizable to all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit it all situations. What’s more, you also have a wide choice of key components like LEDs, IC, PCB, power supplies from big names. Consult our expert to start your customization.

High Resolution

Excellent Contrast

High Refresh Rate

Wide Color Gamut

High Profile Image

Ultra Thin

Light Weight

Easy Maintenance

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Not only does SupaGlam offer top-notch video display products,

we also offer various solutions that support you

in order to make your indoor or outdoor event amazing.

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