Comprehensive LED Display Solutions

Multi-applicational LED screen solutions to fulfill both indoor and outdoor HD displays.

We Bring Practical LED Video Solutions

Your desire to catch more eyes to promote targets and to resist negative factors is highly aware of at SupaGlam. We are dedicated to make your LED presentation work both indoor and outdoor.

Interior Display Challenges

At indoor visual presentation cases, those advertising video walls are easily lacking definition or easy to damage by static electricity, whichgives the organizer a big headache to maintain, meanwhile the poor visual effect makes no one care.

Indoor LED Display Solutions

SupaGlam is providing high-definition, eye-catching, quick response and also stable-vision LED screens made with leading technologies to ensure vivid images, unforgettable display and attractive advertising. Besides, they save time and costs to maintain.

Exterior Display Challenges

In the open air, there are tough weathers such as extremely hot or cold days. For the former one, strong sunlight may age or even damage the LEDs, while for the latter one, ultra low-temperature atmosphere will stop the LEDs from working.

Outdoor LED Display Solutions

At SupaGlam, you can find suitable LED screen series to face these challenges head-on and resist severe outdoor elements specifically. What’s more, we also have some models designed to withstand strike or other negative impacts.

Always A Suited LED Screen for Your Application

No matter your markets or application scenarios, SupaGlam has your appropriate LED display screen to make the scene pleasing and lively just like real.

  • Broadcast & TV
  • irport & Station
  • Cinema & Stage
  • Casino & Gaming
  • Stadium & Park
  • Simulation Training
Broadcast & TV

Broadcast & TV LED Displays

News and entertainment displays require high-definition and synchronized images in order to bring audiences the smooth and pleasing visual experience. And so to get more positive ratings. SupaGlam recommend you our epic LED display walls to fit your needs.

Fine Pixel Pitch UHD LED Solutions

Continuous Image Delivery & Easy Calibration

Highly Custom Sizes, Shapes & Mount Types

irport & Station

Airport & Station LED Displays

Sponsors and various activities will need LED advertising displays in public transportation sites like airport, railway, quay and more. To present their promotional contents vividly and effectively, SupaGlam offeres our stable-performance LED screens for perfect demonstration.

All-Round LED Signage Displays

Passenger Experience-enhancing Solutions

Outstanding Longevity & Easy Maintenance

Cinema & Stage

Cinema & Stage LED Displays

At movie theater or performing stage, those applications are not only in need of clear and vivid images, but also static electricity resistant screens for a better maintenance. Otherwise, that’s always costly to take care of such big and scaled display screens.

Large Customized LED Screens

LED Displays Resistant to Water, Corrison, Dust or Static

Obvious Ease of Maintenance

Casino & Gaming

Casino & Gaming LED Displays

In casino and gaming world, there are huge needs of displays for welcoming, advertising, entertainment, guidance, audience engagement and more. Therefore, flexible and simulation-friendly display system is significant to ensure accurate presentation.

Customizable High-Performance LED Screens

Precise Digital Betting Kiosks

Engaging Digital Signage

Stadium & Park

Stadium & Park LED Displays

For outdoor LED displays, typical cases are applications of stadium, square, theme park, parking lot, exterior stage and more, which ask for really weather-resistant and secured digital display screens. SupaGlam is offering effective outdoor LED display solutions for such scenarios.

Weather-resistant Outdoor LED Displays

Safe & Environment Adaptive Screens

Vivid & Continuous Visual Amusement

Simulation Training

Simulation Training LED Displays

It needs high-precision and live-effect simulation for training like

airplane pilot training, vehicle-driving training and many more, when it comes to scene displays. SupaGlam is ready to present you highly professional LED screens to display synchronized computer images.

Stable-performing LED Simulation System

Scientific and Latest Technologies

Highly Reliable & Labour Saving

Successful LED Display Cases

SupaGlam has fruitfully helped many projects out with effective LED display solutions.

Strong Support to Guarantee Effective LED Visual Solutions

Apart from project solutions and customization services, SupaGlam is giving our clients more backing through presales consultation to aftersale troubleshooting.

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