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You need more than just a single LED screen, you need a

veteran supplier who has been in the field for 9 years to

build your brand and grow your profits.

Let SupaGlam help you achieve business sucess.

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Our headquarters are based in ShenZhen China.

Building 4, Baiwang Second Industrial Park, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


(+86) 1501 4010 686

LED Display Screen

Leading Manufacturer

You need more than just a single LED screen, you need a veteran supplier who has been in the field for 9 years to build your brand and grow your profits. Let SupaGlam help you achieve business sucess.

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Building 4, Baiwang Second Industrial Park, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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Skilled & Pro Staff

Featured Products

SupaGlam strive to offer creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies.

Industry leading new technology

Expert design advice at the outset of a project

Helpful CADs and electrical drawings

Proficient on-site training

Stellar after sales service

Fixo CT Series

5, 6.67, 10

Fixo ES Series

6.67, 8, 10

Plana CV Series

2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6

Claro NX Series

7.8, 10.42, 3.91*7.81

Valla PM Series

10, 16

Omni HC Series

1.95, 2.60, 2.97, 3.9, 4.8,

Omni FC Series

2.60, 2.97, 3.9, 4.8

Plana HD Series

1.25, 1.53, 1.83, 1.86

Fixo ES 960B Series

4, 5.33, 6.67, 8, 10

Small Pitch LED Display

Also known as narrow or small pixel pitch LED display, they have a smaller pixel pitch lower than 2mm to have a finer visual perception.

Transparent LED Dispaly

With a transparent or translucent look, this kind of LED screen is optimal to fit in behind window or glass wall to reinforce advertising.

Rental LED Display

SupaGlam provides a wide spectrum of LED screens to satisfy project rentals. No matter for indoor or outdoor projects, we have your items.

Custom LED Display

For special-shaped, particularly-sized, or specifically-functional LED displays, our engineers provide individual custom solutions.

LED Display Module

To those experienced project contractors or clients with internal requests, we offer reliable modules for your own design and assembly.

Wide-Color LEDs

Bright beads with full color gamut to be better.

Safe LED Power

CE, RoHs, REACH, FCC, ELT certfied power supplies.

Easy-to-Use Control System

Integrated control panel for easy setup and operation.

High-End PCB

Advanced chips give better functions and save power.

Simple Installation & Care

Setting up in mins and least maintenance required.

Flat & Even Surface

Ensuring the smooth image display on a flat screen.

We Make Reliable LED Screens in Your Standard

Rooted in China, SupaGlaml is a reputable Shenzhen LED display factory stably producing high-quality LED display screens which are well recognized around Asia, Mid-East, Europe, America, and so many more regions. Regardless of your requirements or standards, we are able to meet with the specific compliance like CE EMC, RoHS, REACH, UL, SGS, TUV, FCC, ETL, CNAS, and more.

Modern LED Technologies of All

Latest software and hardware, from beads, IC, PCB to modules.

Skilled Custom Productionodern LED Technologies of All

Conducted by experienced workers with mature know-hows and skills.

Worldwide Quality Assurance

Meticulous quality tests and inspections in line with local standards.

Steady Output & Prompt Delivery

Inhouse manufacture and on-time delivery ensure your stable supply.

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Committed to the best offer suited to your custom project.

Professional Services Bringing Your Ideas into Reality

As a specialized LED screen manufacturer, SupaGlam is leveraging its in-depth product knowhows and advanced techniques to actualize any custom LED displays in a feasible and affordable way.

LED Screen


Rely on our expertise that we are able to realize any creative designs into finished products and make them work for your project.

LED Control System Support

We provide technology support from web-based training to assisting making sure the LED screen mapping is configured well.

LED Display Project Follow up

Practicability evaluation, LED layout solutions, on-line or onsite

installation, technical guidance and training, all value-added support.

Always A Suited LED Screen for Your Application

No matter your markets or application scenarios, SupaGlam has your appropriate LED display screen to make the scene pleasing and lively just like real.

  • Broadcast & TV
  • irport & Station
  • Cinema & Stage
  • Casino & Gaming
  • Stadium & Park
  • Simulation Training
Broadcast & TV

Broadcast & TV LED Displays

News and entertainment displays require high-definition and synchronized images in order to bring audiences the smooth and pleasing visual experience. And so to get more positive ratings. SupaGlam recommend you our epic LED display walls to fit your needs.

Fine Pixel Pitch UHD LED Solutions

Continuous Image Delivery & Easy Calibration

Highly Custom Sizes, Shapes & Mount Types

irport & Station

Airport & Station LED Displays

Sponsors and various activities will need LED advertising displays in public transportation sites like airport, railway, quay and more. To present their promotional contents vividly and effectively, SupaGlam offeres our stable-performance LED screens for perfect demonstration.

All-Round LED Signage Displays

Passenger Experience-enhancing Solutions

Outstanding Longevity & Easy Maintenance

Cinema & Stage

Cinema & Stage LED Displays

At movie theater or performing stage, those applications are not only in need of clear and vivid images, but also static electricity resistant screens for a better maintenance. Otherwise, that’s always costly to take care of such big and scaled display screens.

Large Customized LED Screens

LED Displays Resistant to Water, Corrison, Dust or Static

Obvious Ease of Maintenance

Casino & Gaming

Casino & Gaming LED Displays

In casino and gaming world, there are huge needs of displays for welcoming, advertising, entertainment, guidance, audience engagement and more. Therefore, flexible and simulation-friendly display system is significant to ensure accurate presentation.

Customizable High-Performance LED Screens

Precise Digital Betting Kiosks

Engaging Digital Signage

Stadium & Park

Stadium & Park LED Displays

For outdoor LED displays, typical cases are applications of stadium, square, theme park, parking lot, exterior stage and more, which ask for really weather-resistant and secured digital display screens. SupaGlam is offering effective outdoor LED display solutions for such scenarios.

Weather-resistant Outdoor LED Displays

Safe & Environment Adaptive Screens

Vivid & Continuous Visual Amusement

Simulation Training

Simulation Training LED Displays

It needs high-precision and live-effect simulation for training like

airplane pilot training, vehicle-driving training and many more, when it comes to scene displays. SupaGlam is ready to present you highly professional LED screens to display synchronized computer images.

Stable-performing LED Simulation System

Scientific and Latest Technologies

Highly Reliable & Labour Saving

Take A Glance of Our Factory and Its Facilities

Here we will show you a modern LED display factory in strict compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSA18001. Your visit is most welcome any time.

Our Happy Clients From 30+ Countries

“When we first saw the imagery coming across the display, it was a great experience to see how the LED video manipulated the ambiance of the room in a beautiful fashion. It was very dramatic for all of us because at times, the Supaglam Plana CV imagery can be subtle and provide a low-key ambiance, but then there are times when a coach can play a hype video with great audio to really get the heart of a high-profile recruit pounding.”

Drew Bryant

Design Principal

“I initially had the misconception that LED video would be a more costly option, but once we started speaking with SupaGlam and saw what the SupaGlam Plana CV could do, we knew this would give us the better ‘bang for our buck’ and the install looks absolutely amazing.”

Matt Belfiore

Director of Operations

“On the HD LED video wall, we can now use it as one large display, or we can break it up and show up to four different pieces of video content at once. Once they saw the result of the new system, they knew why we were pushing an LED video solution in the beginning of the project. The brightness, the clarity and the technology all make a statement in your facility, which customers really appreciate.”

Matt Abbrederi

Property Reals Manager

“My colleague has personally visited their factory and was impressed with their advanced equipment. Because the display is a high value product, we need to inspect the factory and test the sample order before import large quantities from this company. Not to mention that in most cases, SupaGlam’s screen are lower than the factories in USA and North Europe. One more thing, my clients are satisfied with technical supports from SupaGlam, so I have high expectations of the wholesaler’s services, SupaGlam never disappoints me.”

Chris Clark

Property Reals Manager

“Everyone that enters the Lexus Lounge, from members to their clients, friends and family, are in awe of the LED video screen and how it lights up the entire space while, at the same time, offering a completely clear picture of what is going on in the arena bowl.”

Chas Thornhil

Property Reals Manager

“When we were finished with the video design and saw the final product for the first time, we were all amazed because it was so bright and colorful, and you could literally see it from every angle of the store. In this day and age of interactive digital experiences, LED video is the future of retail design, and I can see SupaGlam LED video technology being a big part of that future.”

Hannah Gilmore

Visual Merchandising Manager


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Our headquarters are based in ShenZhen China.

Building 4, Baiwang Second Industrial Park, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 


(+86) 1501 4010 686